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Delivery of documents

For delivery of important papers, letters and documents urgently through Yerevan, as well as regions of the RA we offer a service of classic express delivery. Our staff is comprised of experienced employees only, who know their business inside out.


To order delivery of documents or call a courier, please contact us by the phone number (+37443) 433883 or make use of the form Call courier.


Courier delivery service is a prompt courier service, including courier and express delivery: delivery of correspondence, business documents, letters and important papers. Courier services provide for complex client-oriented and highly effective result-oriented service.


Courier delivery allows optimization of communication between the head office and its subdivisions, between key business partners, assists in finding future clients.


You may select the most convenient tariff for you and the company employees will care about prompt and safe delivery.


FT Courier offers individual terms of cooperation for new and regular customers, estimated based on the volume of orders, highly convenient and favorable solutions for your document circulation.


For additional information please contact us by the phone number (+37443) 433883 or make use of the form Contact Sales Department.